About Us

Grunthal Welding & Supplies working with you to keep your Businesses and Farms operating Stress Free. Insuring reduced wait times for all your Parts, Repairs, Steel and Steel processing needs. Call us for prompt efficient service; we are the One Stop Shop. "It Stays Welded"

Grunthal Welding is a family owned business, nestled in southeastern Manitoba. Founded in 1982, we have developed a solid track record for delivering beyond expectations. Grunthal Welding prides itself in quality repair welding, Machining, Mobile Welding, Raw Material, Fabrication and Manufacturing of products including stair railings, buckets, stucco hods, gates, bale feeders, recycling bins, specialty truck decks, Fire Truck Manufacturer, custom hydraulic cylinders and much more. With 18,000 feet of shop floor space. Our welding personnel are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. Our truck decks and bodies are designed and fabricated to and adhere to the CMVSS/DOT standards. With the growing demands in the welding industry, we would like to take this time to offer our services to you.

What Does It Mean To Have a Product Made In North America?

We pay our employees a fair rate for every hour worked. We pay health insurance and we pay all our taxes, which helps to run our fine country. We produce a high quality product in our Grunthal Manitoba facility, using North American materials whenever possible. We believe in a free economy, and this comes at a very small price to our customer. Each time you support us by buying our product, you are helping your economy by keeping manufacturing jobs that support North America, through employment of its own skilled workforce.

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